Meet Soul Intention, a North Devon Gazette curated, twelve-piece band.

A man from Northam has managed to form one of North Devon's biggest soul bands - all thanks to a letter to the Gazette.

Trevor Davis was inundated with responses to his letter, which was published in February, asking for musicians who are 'getting a bit long in the tooth, but would still like to continue playing'.

Moving to the area after 12 years in France, the 67-year-old was keen to get together with soul and pop enthusiasts from the 1960s.

He was delighted with the result - a twelve-piece band called Soul Intention comprising of two guitarists, five saxophonists, two singers, a drummer, a keyboardist and a bass player.

"I wrote to the Gazette in February to see if I could find like minded musicians to form a rehearsal soul band for the pleasure of playing with other musicians," said Trevor.

He added: "Lo and behold, the phone never stopped ringing. If you said that I could put a letter together that would produce an instant soul band - I wouldn't believe it.

"It was as if they were waiting for me to call them together."

The group has been rehearsing in Alwington ever since, and now they have a back catalogue of soul covers from the 1960s, they will soon be ready to play to audiences.

But Trevor still wants to add a few more layers to the already impressive collective.

"What we didn't get were trumpet or trombone players. It would really enhance the sound of the band, so I'm once again appealing to Gazette readers."

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