North Devon and Torridge MPs back decision for June general election

Peter Heaton-Jones and Geoffrey Cox have backed the Prime Minister's call for an election.

Peter Heaton-Jones and Geoffrey Cox have backed the Prime Minister's call for an election. - Credit: Archant

Peter Heaton-Jones and Geoffrey Cox have both backed Theresa May’s call for a general election in June. What do you think? Vote in our poll here.

Battlelines are already being drawn for June’s general election, which was announced this morning (Tuesday).

North Devon’s Conservative MP Peter Heaton-Jones will be defending his seat after his election success in 2015.

And Torridge and West Devon MP Geoffrey Cox is also expected to fight for his seat.

Mr Heaton-Jones said: “I welcome Theresa May’s announcement that she will seek approval from the House of Commons for a general election on June 8.

“At this vital time for our country, it’s right to end the uncertainty and seek to renew the Conservative government’s mandate.

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“This election will be about one thing and one thing only: who do you want to lead Britain? It’s a straight choice between Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.”

Mr Heaton-Jones said he looked forward to campaigning hard over the next six weeks.

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He added: “The maths is clear as well: if we don’t have a Conservative MP in North Devon, it increases the risk of a far-left Labour government. Mr Corbyn would be Prime Minister, possibly propped up by the minor parties. That would be a disaster for the UK.

“I, and the Conservative government, will proudly stand on our record in seeking a renewed mandate. I look forward to campaigning hard for that in North Devon over the next six weeks.”

Meanwhile Torridge and West Devon MP Geoffrey Cox has also released a statement.

He said: “We need a strong government with a workable majority in parliament to provide the certainty and stability to meet the challenges of leaving the EU.

“Only a Conservative government with a renewed and improved mandate can achieve the measures vital to keeping our economy strong and to carrying our country through this important moment in our history.

“The Prime Minister will shortly ask the House of Commons to approve the holding of a general election. She has proved that she can provide strong and stable leadership and I will support her in that vote.”

Meanwhile opposition parties are meeting to decide who will run for the North Devon and Torridge seats.

A spokesman for North Devon Liberal Democrats said the group expected to have an emergency meeting within the next day-or-so to decide who their candidate will be.

Check back for more as we have it.

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