North Devon's Amy Riley takes her motorsports dream to next level

Barnstaple racer Amy Riley

Barnstaple racer Amy Riley - Credit: Twisty Focus

Amy Riley, 31, is hoping to find her feet in the male-dominated world of motorsports as she enters a competition to become next female racing star. 

A North Devon motorsports enthusiast has entered the competition of a lifetime to become the next female racing driver and pave the way for women in the sport. 

Amy Riley, 31, of Barnstaple will be hoping to fulfil her childhood dream by competing in the televised, all-female Formula Woman competition. 

31-year-old Amy Riley from Barnstaple

31-year-old Amy Riley from Barnstaple - Credit: Twisty Focus

The competition will see Amy take part in a series of online and on-track assessments which, if successful, will see her coached to race a McLaren GT4 car on the track. 

But the competition is more than just a challenge for Amy, who hopes she can use the experience to encourage more women and girls to get into what is traditionally a male-dominated environment. 

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Amy said: “It’s vital for little girls to see faces like theirs represented in motorsport, whether that’s drivers or other roles like engineers, pit crew or technicians. 

“We need to see more women in this field to encourage future female motorsport talent. 

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“Growing up I was obsessed with cars and racing and used to religiously watch Formula 1 with my dad – he even took me to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone when I was six. 

“But when the time came, I didn’t think that was a realistic career choice as I didn’t see any other women doing it. 

“Formula Woman is an opportunity I was determined not to let pass me by this time, and now I just can’t wait to get out on track - my November assessment day can’t come soon enough!” 

Originally launched in 2004 and hosted by Vicki Butler-Henderson, the Formula Woman competition is making a return for 2021/2022. After a series of online assessments, the successful applicants will then proceed to the next round of on-track assessments which will culminate in the finals at the end of February 2022. 

The on-track assessments will be broadcast on television in the UK and across the globe, giving huge exposure to everyone involved and focusing on the development of the 16 finalists. 

The winners will then be awarded their prize of a drive in a McLaren Customer Racing GT4 car in the UK GT Cup championship during 2022, undergoing full intensive training and coaching prior to taking to the grid in the 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 race cars.

31-year-old Amy Riley from Barnstaple

31-year-old Amy Riley from Barnstaple - Credit: Twisty Focus

Graeme Glew, CEO of Formula Woman, said: “The main goal is to create an opportunity for women who could only dream of becoming a racing driver to actually enter the competition and have a go. 

“The objective is that the winners will compete against the men - watch this space! 

“The world is now ready for Formula Woman, judging from the registrations so far women around the world have an appetite for this. 

“Apart from healthy registration interest, we have been asked if there are opportunities in motorsport for positions other than driving and the answer to that one is yes. 

“Our plan is once you become a Formula Woman, the world of motorsport will open up to you.” 

You can follow Amy’s journey through the competition on her Instagram page @amyr_formulawoman. 

Amy is also on the lookout for sponsors to back her journey. Businesses interested in a sponsorship pack can get in touch via 

Although registrations for the competition are now closed, you can still be part of the Formula Woman community at 

Formula Woman is a motorsport entry opportunity for women of all ages with a passion for driving. 

All women over 16 years old (USA) and 17 years old (UK and Europe) with a full driving licence can enter. 

The Vauxhall Corsa-e will take centre stage at Formula Woman assessments due to its size, ability and green credentials. Meanwhile, The Trade Centre Group’s performance BMWs are available for coaching, as are the Jaguar Project 8 race cars.

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