Noise? What noise?

Anita Allen and others keep claiming that turbines make a lot of noise. So I made a point of standing right by some, and the only noise I could hear was the wind, which was drowned out by a single passing car.

Even the cows make more noise, but nothing is so loud as the bleating of Nimbys desperate to find any excuse to stop progress.

Secondly, if these turbines kill so many bats and birds, could someone please bring forth their corpses as evidence?

The truth is that bats are capable of flying in their thousands through narrow caves and of catching a moth in flight. It is no challenge to avoid a massive sail moving sedately through the air.

As for birds, I watched a vast flock of starlings utterly fail to fly into any windmills as they wheeled back and forth across the sky.

It seems that bats and birds are not nearly as stupid as the anti-windmill brigade.

So please can you stick to the facts when you defend the indefensible.

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Oliver Tooley


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