Former North Devon MP Nick Harvey is selling is Horwood home but says he intends to stay in the local area.

Former North Devon MP Sir Nick Harvey says he is continuing to look for a new job three months after his election defeat.

"It's early days yet," said the Liberal Democrat, who held the North Devon seat for 23 years.

"Head-hunter types tell me that career changes in your fifties are possible but take time, possibly as much as 6 or 12 months.

"Indeed, I don't know of any of my former colleagues who are yet in work.

"And what I end up finding, where it is and what it pays will inevitably have some impact on where we end up living."

Mr Harvey is selling his home in Horwood but said he intended to remain in the local area.

"We had always planned to move house after the election regardless of the outcome - we are looking for something a little more modern," he added.