No listing for Appledore dock

ENGLISH Heritage has turned down a bid by a local resident to have the Middle Dock at Appledore listed.

The dock is currently occupied by Evans Transport, which has been working with Taunton-based Strongvox Homes to redevelop the site.

A planning application to build 23 new homes and a boathouse and water sports centre there, including storage for local pilot gig clubs, was the subject of a day-long exhibition in Appledore in March.

English Heritage has written to Evans Transport informing them that after a three-month study it has no plans to list any of the buildings there, or the wall on New Quay Street.

The transport company has now confirmed that it will be ending its operations at Middle Dock in the New Year.

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Managing director Nigel Evans said: “We have wanted to consolidate our wharf activities at Bideford for some time. We had to wait for the outcome of the listing application in order to learn if we could proceed.”

Relocation would also help reduce road mileage, he said.

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“It’s a tortuous and costly route to and from Middle Dock and the road can barely accommodate the size of vehicle we use. The dock area is too small and this restricts our ability to process cargoes. The site employs one person, who will be relocated to Bideford.

“If the listing application had succeeded, we would have been legally obliged to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds preserving the buildings and walls,” said Mr Evans. “If the new development goes ahead, it will allow us to fund further expansion and employment at Bideford.”

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