It’s the first day of spring, the clocks go forward at the weekend and it’s also International Day of Happiness. So forget the snow - summer is round the corner!

It’s officially the first day of spring - though you might not believe it if you can still see snow out of your window. Here are the signs of spring anyone from North Devon will recognise..

Barricane Beach Cafe is back!

It won’t be long until they’re serving up those delicious Sri-Lankan curries by the sunset again

Daffodils are everywhere

Although many of them might be looking a little sad after getting a coating of snow this weekend.

The Hocking’s vans are out

We honestly thought we were starting to get withdrawal symptoms over the winter.

The caravans are coming

Prepare for traffic jams, it's nearly summer season!Prepare for traffic jams, it's nearly summer season!

Easter weekend is almost upon us and the tourists are coming - time to welcome back the traffic jams.

There are roadworks everywhere

There will be roadworks taking place over the coming few days.There will be roadworks taking place over the coming few days.

Because they only start these when we’re about to get an influx of tourists, right?

The lifeguards are back

Our friendly lifeguards will soon be back on the beaches keeping our shorelines safe

Newborn lambs are in the fields

We all love to watch them leap with joy - just make sure you keep your dogs on leads and shut gates behind you.

You leave work and it’s light

Suddenly you realise everyone can actually see you singing in your car in traffic on the way home.

Post-work surfs are back

Or even pre-work, whatever gets you in the water when it’s quiet and not packed with visitors.