Bideford College’s leadership team says the future looks bright for the school as they implement major changes this term.

Bideford College should be the highest performing school in North Devon within the next two years, according to the executive principal.

Jack Jackson took over the role of chief executive in January, alongside new principal Lyndsey Kane.

The new leadership team came after the school was put into special measures by Ofsted in January 2015, and has been working hard to make improvements.

Pupils started back at the school on Monday, dressed in a brand new, smart uniform, and with a new house system.

Mrs Kane said: "I think we put in about 300 hours sizing all of the students and there were tears from parents seeing how grown up the children look.

"I've got a big thing about children being confident and proud, and as soon as they tried the blazers on they stood up straight; it was lovely."

The school has introduced the new house system, with five houses competing to win the coveted house cup at the end of the year.

A new behavioural policy has also been in place since Easter, and Mr Jackson and Mrs Kane said they have already seen huge improvements with pupils.

Mr Jackson added: "We've got talented staff and pupils; good parents; a great building - the school has everything going for it.

"Because we have become a multi-academy trust with Launceston College we get a 'break' from Ofsted visits.

"But I think we will want them to visit sooner than they do - we hope within 12 months we will have Ofsted saying we are a good school."