Two pieces of life-saving equipment have been installed at points around Torrington.

Torrington has been provided with two defibrillators for use by the community to save lives in the event of an emergency.

The units, funded by Great Torrington Town Council, the Rotary Club, Torridge District Council and Cllr Andy Boyd, are positioned in two separate areas of the town.

One is at the fire station in Calf Street and the other at the museum, next to the market entrance on South Street.

The locations were chosen as they are easily accessible.

Fire station manager Graham Rooke, said: “It is great to be involved in this community resource that will save lives.

“Having two in place means that at least one will be close at hand at all times, and every second is precious in an emergency.”

Cathrine Simmons, mayor of Torrington, added: “They will be a real asset and I am looking forward to being trained to use it.”

The machine can be used by anyone and talks you through the resusitation proceedure as soon as you turn it on.

Annual two-hour sessions will be held for people living in the town to learn about how to use defibrillators and conduct CPR.

The first is on Monday, May 23, at 7pm with the venue tbc. Call George Gwyn on 07977 469567 to book.