Councillors were heckled from the public gallery after the plans committee chairman used her casting vote to pass permission for eight new homes in Shebbear.

Torridge District Council’s committee met this morning (Thursday) to hear an implications report on the proposals by Richard Haste, for land know as Dougie’s Field.

Last month councillors voted to provisionally approve the application, but the report was compiled because planning officers had recommended refusal.

The report said if the council did go against planning officer recommendations, it could leave itself open to a judicial review.

“It is also not ideal to have different decisions from the planning committee and planning officers,” said senior solicitor Jamie Hollis.

At today’s meeting, three councillors voted to approve the proposals and three voted against, leaving Councillor Rose Lock to use her casting vote as chairman.

She said: “My original vote was in favour so my second vote will be to grant the application.”

There were boos from the public gallery, with shouts of ‘this council is corrupt’, before disruptive members were asked to leave the meeting.