Midwife clinics, extended physiotherapy classes and infusion treatments to be brought in at Torrington Hospital.

THE second phase of a six month trial of home-based care in Torrington will see additional services on offer in the town.

Midwife clinics will be held five days a week, as well as a new family planning drop in clinic.

This month will see extended physiotherapy classes and infusion treatments three days a week.

A leg ulcer clinic is due to come to the hospital soon as well as plans for possible ultrasound clinics, cardiology clinics and increased chiropody services.

Chris Bowman, vice chair of the new Devon CCG Northern Locality, said, “Each one of these new services is saving a resident from Greater Torrington from making a trip to NDDH or is providing a service on more days, which makes it more convenient for people. We welcome feedback from the community about these services.

“Through the meetings with the public and patients, we feel we have a good understanding of the issues facing Torrington. Transport links, public transport, access to services, end-of-life care and the sources of funding to support social and healthcare are all issues the community has told us are important. We hope to be able to trial some services which address these issues.”