New 'Self-Sufficiency Bible' from North Devon author

Simon Dawson chats with one of his 'mates'

Simon Dawson chats with one of his 'mates' - Credit: Archant

This month sees the release of a new book on self-sufficiency written by city-escapee and North Devon small holder Simon Dawson. 

In our current era of pandemic and environmental crisis, self-sufficiency is a means of taking control over our lives and safeguarding for the future. 

A new, fully updated edition of sustainability classic The Self-Sufficiency Bible, written by North Devon’s Simon Dawson will help households, no matter where or how they live, do just that. 

The Self-Sufficiency Bible by Simon Dawson is packed with practical information and expert advice on everything from gardening to cooking, from health and beauty to raising livestock - this book is your indispensable guide to living more sustainably, whether you live in a flat in a city or on a rural smallholding. Here are a few chapters that offer a peek into Simon’s repertoire of knowledge: 

● The Home Baker: homespun recipes (including gluten free options!) from your basic sourdough starter to custard creams and fresh pasta. 

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● The Home Brewer: ‘Almost all fruits, edible berries, flowers and root vegetables can be made into either wine or beer – which is handy.’ 

● Natural Solutions: Health, Beauty and Home: alternative alternatives to daily products - household cleaners, health, hygiene and beauty products along with soothers for minor complaints; shampoos, bath bombs, and so much more! 

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Aged just 32, Simon Dawson took a risk, sold his London flat and moved with his wife, Great Dane and horse to a cottage on Exmoor. 

Scraping every penny together they bought 20 acres of scruffy but beautiful land on Exmoor, and built from scratch a smallholding where they still live, self-sufficient and happy. Simon is a radio presenter on The Voice of North Devon and the author of Pigs in Clover, among other books. 

Written in his engaging and amusing style, complete with beautiful illustrations, this book will suit anyone looking to be more creative, resourceful and self-sufficient; for anyone wanting to rediscover their inner hunter-gatherer, for single people as much as for large families, and for parents looking to equip their children with basic life skills. 

The Self-Sufficiency Bible will teach you 100s of ways to live more sustainably, wherever you are.

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