Plans for a new 420-place primary school in Roundswell are being put to the public this week.

The first of a series of consultations into Tarka Learning Partnership's proposed Roundswell Community School Primary Academy took place today (Wednesday).

The new school will be located on the edge of the Mont Bray development. The two-storey building will have specialist science and art areas, a multi-activity studio, library and a 39-place nursery.

Outside there will be sports pitches, a multi-use games area and an environmental area.

As well as a wide curriculum, the school is also proposing 'wrap-around care' between 7am and 6pm.

The building is expected to be ready by September 2020, but the school will take on a reception class of 30 to be based at Newport Community School Primary Academy for the 2019/20 academic year.

Tarka Learning Partnership CEO Andy Cotton said he wanted the school to be not only a school, but a place for the whole community.

"I think this community really wants this school," he said.

"They have had years and years of a school being promised and it never coming to anything.

"Now we have got funding, land and a place to put it and what I am really pleased about is it's actually going to be in with a group of local schools and will be looked after well.

Tarka Learning Partnership CEO Andy Cotton. Picture: Matt SmartTarka Learning Partnership CEO Andy Cotton. Picture: Matt Smart

"This school will be more than Roundswell Community School Primary Academy. It is going to provide a place for after-school clubs, societies and groups to meet, and the school will have the facilities they need."

The next consultations take place on Monday, November 26 at Roundswell Community Centre at 10am, followed by session at Newport Community School Primary Academy at 2pm.

Another session at Roundswell takes place on Tuesday, November 27 at 7pm.

The plans have been met with concern by the Roundswell Residents Association, who fear the school may make traffic in the area worse.

Chairman Graham Turner said: "We're not saying we don't want a school, but Roundswell is a nightmare now with traffic and we can't understand how they've decided this school should be in the middle of it.

"The roads are full, and not just on the main roads. We're concerned people will come into Roundswell, park up everywhere and leave their cars to walk through on the footpath when the roads have got no facilities for parking."

Mr Cotton said the trust was developing a detailed strategy for drop-offs and pick-ups with North Devon Council, Devon County Council and the Department for Education.

He added: "I would like to say it will have a positive impact. At the moment Roundswell residents have to go outside the community to go to schools. This school should reduce the number of journeys people take from their home to places further away."