Pre-School to celebrate official opening in new premises on Sunday.

ABBOTSHAM and Alwington Pre-School will be officially opening a brand new premises on Sunday.

The pre-school was established more than 30 years ago and was based at Abbotsham Village Hall as its numbers continued to grow.

The school now has more than 40 children on the register and due to demand will be officially relocating to the Old School Rooms in Abbotsham.

Jaime Larque, for the Abbotsham and Alwington Pre-School committee, said: “This was built as the village school in 1851 and used until 2004 when plans for a new school were approved.

“We are very excited by the opportunity that has been presented to us and think it is fantastic that the building is once again being used to educate local children.”

The grand opening will take place at the new premises on Sunday at 2pm.