Chief Inspector Alison Lander has lived in North Devon all her life and is looking forward to her new role

The new chief inspector of North and West Devon is keen to provide quality policing in the area where she has lived all her life.

CI Alison Lander has taken on the role previously held by temporary chief inspector Ryan Doyle and is responsible for operational policing.

She began her career as a response officer in Barnstaple, was a sergeant in Bideford and then a detective sergeant investigating domestic and child abuse.

As an inspector she worked at Exeter and Plymouth, then as detective inspector managed the Public Protection Unit in North Devon, managing teams who investigated child abuse, offences against vulnerable adults and the management of dangerous offenders.

Of her new role, she said: "I feel privileged to work with such a committed and motivated team, having spent time with staff across North and West Devon I am impressed to see they are continually striving to provide the best service they can.

"I hear on a daily basis examples where officers and staff put themselves in harms way to us safe and I will always be truly grateful for the work they do."

CI Lander said her main priority was to ensure policing teams provided a high quality of service to the community.

She added: "I believe we can only do this by engaging to understand the issues which cause concern, however, this has to be balanced by the risk the most vulnerable people in our communities face.

"Some crime types are hidden, however, they pose a high level of risk within communities such as modern slavery, child sexual exploitation and terrorism to name a few.

"Policing has, and will continue, to face challenging times, not least, the constant pressure around resources.

"It is vital we work together as a community, and with partner agencies, to both prevent crime and reduce the risk some individuals pose."