Bideford Town Council has voted in its new mayor for the next 12 months.

Councillor Doug Bushby, who has served as deputy mayor for the last year, will serve as the next mayor of Bideford with mayoress wife Sheila Bushby.

He was voted into the position by councillors at the full town council meeting on Thursday.

Councillor Bushby will be replacing outgoing mayor, Councillor Dermot McGeough, who served for 2017-18.

The official mayor’s introduction ceremony will be on Saturday, June 7.

Councillor Bushby has been a councillor for three years and has been working hard for improvements to the town he holds dear to his heart.

He said he is looking forward to representing Bideford at mayoral events throughout the next year.

Councillor Peter Christie was voted as deputy town mayor, who will take this role for the third time in his council career.

He previously served as mayor in 1985-6 and 2004-5.