Torrington’s Post Office will be moving up the road to a new location next month.

The Post Office is currently operating at 7 High Street, but this branch will close at 12.30pm on April 20.

Then at 1pm on April 23, the new Post Office will open in Gilletts SPAR, at 13 High Street.

The new branch will be open seven days a week from 8am-8pm, which will give the town an extra 52 hours a week of service.

The branch will also open significantly earlier and would close later every day.

It will also now be open on Saturday afteroon and Sunday morning.

The move follows a public consultation put out by Post Office in December last year.

During the three-day relocation, the nearest branches will be Sentry Corner in Bideford, and Langtree mobile service outside of Langtree Parish Hall.

The mobile service opens Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 11.45am-1.05pm.