New Homes for Torrington?

A planning application for 57 houses and a childen’s play area in Torrington has been submitted.

A PLANNING application to build 57 houses in Torrington has been resubmitted after it was previously rejected.

Torridge District Council rejected the application to build 51 houses on the Advanced Pallet Systems Ltd units in December 2010.

The application was rejected after it failed to demonstrate why additional affordable housing could not be proposed or justify that the site was no longer required for employment purposes.

The proposed housing development would be built on Greenbank Industrial Estate, and would include six more houses than the previous application and an equipped children’s play area.

The Council has received several objections and a letter of support from members of the public since the plan was submitted in December.

According to the application, Advanced Pallet Systems, who are currently still using the site, are desperate to relocate to a new premises due to the growth of their business.

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The application is pending consideration and a decision will be reached by March 2012.

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