Yeo Valley School celebrates two years of hard work and the official launch of its new unit for all early years pupils.

THE merging of nursery and reception five at Yeo Valley Primary School in Barnstaple is now complete following the official launch of its new Foundation Stage Unit.

The two now fall under one department at the school, with the aim of providing the school's two to five-year-olds with better resources and shared pool of early years staff.

It also means a smoother journey through their early education, staying at the same school from age two right though to when they leave at 11.

On Wednesday the school went through its official 'badging ceremony' conducted by Devon County Councillor Caroline Chugg.

The nursery and reception have been operating as one unti for two years, under the scrutiny and guidance of the county education department. Mrs Chugg said the ceremony was the final piece of the process and 'the recognition that it is working and working well'.

Headteacher Jan Reid paid tribute to the efforts of the unit's staff to make it a reality: "Getting this has meant a lot of effete by a lot of people," she said.

"The idea of an FSU is you have a continuous journey through the school for the children, so they don't have any break in their education. They know the staff and the activities are pitched at the children's needs so we can meet them. Parents have been very complimentary of the new set up."