Gig club fundraised £3,000 in a week to fund new piece of lifesaving equipment in Appledore.

A brand new defibrillator has been officially unveiled at Appledore Fire Station on Monday.

The Torridge Pilot Gig Club, based in Appledore, organised a fundraising evening and £3,000 was raised in just over a week with donations from local residents, business, and councils.

The life-saving equipment can be used by anyone and a CPR first aid evening will also be held for people living in the town.

Angie Whitaker, of Torridge Pilot Gig Club, said: “We started the appeal after hearing of an incident at a regatta in another location during which a rower suffered a heart attack and a nearby defibrillator saved their life.

“It has been a lot of work getting to this point but everyone has been extremely generous and it will be well worth if it is needed in an emergency.”

The fire station was chosen as an easily accessible location to site the defibrillator and the fully automated system means that when someone calls 999, the ambulance control room can unlock the cabinet remotely and the defibrillator will be available to use 24 hours a day.

Station manager Graham Rooke, of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, said: “We’d like to thank everyone in the community who supported this initiative.

“When someone goes into cardiac arrest, early medical intervention can significantly increase their chances of survival.”

There will be running costs of £295 a year for the life-saving equipment which the gig club will continue to fundraise for.

A defibrillator is also sited at the Seagate Hotel which means that both sides of the seafront have the equipment to hand.