Stagecoach say routes have been redesigned following feedback from bus users

A new bus timetable being launched next month will provide improved off-peak links to Bideford, as well as extra buses in Barnstaple.

The changes come into effect on January 3 and are being made by Stagecoach South West following feedback from public consultations in the summer.

They include a redesign of the Barnstaple town network focusing on Roundswell and Whiddon Valley; the introduction of a new route for East-the-Water and Appledore; and an amended 15-minute frequency on the core section of the 21 North Devon Wave between Bideford, Barnstaple and Braunton.

Robert Williams, Stagecoach commercial director said: “These changes are a result of the excellent feedback we received from our consultation events and meetings with local councillors.

Stagecoach is introducing a new bus timetable for North Devon on January 3. Picture: Matt SmartStagecoach is introducing a new bus timetable for North Devon on January 3. Picture: Matt Smart

“I hope the solutions we are introducing meet as many of our customers’ aspirations as possible and set us on a path towards making the network more sustainable.”

To complement the network changes, Stagecoach has already introduced a new ticket zone, ‘Barnstaple Plus’, covering Barnstaple, Bideford and Braunton and providing a more cost effective alternative to the North Devon zone.

A Dayrider Plus costs £3.50 and a weekly Megarider Plus just £12.50.

New timetables will be available online at but see below for a more detailed look at the timetable changes.

Stagecoach is introducing a new bus timetable for North Devon on January 3. Picture: Andy KeebleStagecoach is introducing a new bus timetable for North Devon on January 3. Picture: Andy Keeble

Changes in more detail:

Route 8/8A is replaced by two new routes: route 11 that will provide a higher frequency to Forches and Whiddon Valley with links to Rose Lane, and route 19 that will connect Roundswell with the Hospital.

Route 10 to Gorwell is unchanged.

Route 11 is a brand new service that will run at an increased frequency of every 20 minutes between Barnstaple and Whiddon Valley. Two buses an hour will use the current route through Forches and, following numerous requests, the third will restore the link through Rose Lane. Buses will run as anti-clockwise (11A) or clockwise loops (11C) to allow connections between Tesco, the doctor’s surgery and Forches.

Route 12 will now also serve Woodville, partially replacing route 8 for those unable to walk to the main road to catch route 21.

Route 13 will be replaced by more frequent route 11.

Route 15 is a brand new service that will run every 30 minutes between Appledore, Bideford Quay and East-the-Water. This is in direct response to customer feedback asking for improved off peak links to Bideford. Buses will provide a clockwise (15C) and anti-clockwise (15A) loop around East-the-Water, giving an hourly connection between the estate and Tesco and the overall 30-minute frequency. During morning and afternoon peak, buses will continue to Barnstaple. Outside of these times, customers can connect onto the 21 to Barnstaple at Bideford Quay.

Route 19 will become a Barnstaple only service. It will serve the Roundswell loop (currently served by route 8), providing a direct connection with North Devon Hospital. It will continue to run on a 30-minute frequency but buses will not serve Woodville on the way to Roundswell.

Route 21 North Devon Wave will see an amended frequency of every 15 minutes between Bideford, Barnstaple and Braunton to help with the long term viability of the route. Buses will continue to Westward Ho! every 30 minutes, Ilfracombe every 30 minutes and Georgeham/Croyde every hour. The service to Croyde will become a through service from Bideford and Barnstaple Railway Station.

Route 75 will see additional morning journeys between Bideford and Atlantic Village. This is being done in partnership with Devon County Council and will address the current gap in service.

Under contract to Devon County Council, Stagecoach will be running routes 14, 16, 372 and 641. The timetables are largely unchanged except buses will no longer serve Bideford Pannier Market (14 and 16) and college journeys on route 372 will be done via a connection onto route 5B in Bideford.