A Bideford man has broken the world record for the longest time playing the bass guitar without stopping.

Mark Edwards played for 50 hours non-stop at the Fairway Buoy in Westward Ho! over the Easter weekend, raising more than £2,000 for Children’s Hospice South West while doing so.

Mark began playing at 3pm on Good Friday, and did not stop until 5pm on Sunday, smashing the existing Guinness World Record of 40 hours.

With the support of crowds who came to visit throughout the three-day stint, Mark battled through exhaustion to beat the world record by 10 hours.

He said: “It was a truly amazing experience from the very first minute to the last.

“The goodwill and support I felt from local people was absolutely fantastic and the final afternoon as we built towards the 5pm finish was something really special.

“The crowd at the Fairway Buoy just kept increasing as the countdown to the finish began.

“The cheering and goodwill just drove me on; it was a moment I will keep with me forever as I finally reached the finish line.”

Mark’s eldest son Ryan was with him the whole time, helping him comply with the strict world record requirements and updating their Facebook page.

Mark said: “There were some dark moments along the way – the dreaded second night really did live up to expectations.

“It was a complete and utter slog which tested my resolve to the absolute limit.

“The five-minutes-rest-per-hour rule felt like a prison sentence as I was unable to ever do more than one hour without stopping as I was too tired.

“This meant that I could only ever get a really short rest before I had to play again and the whole night seemed to last forever.”

Mark said he was overwhelmed when the donations for CHSW just kept coming.

“I have been truly overwhelmed with the response for what was one of the most emotional and meaningful experiences of my whole life,” he said.

“I realised on the final day that no matter how much I was struggling, the whole thing was about so much more than the standard of playing or the record.

“The bassathon was all about the goodness in people contributing to a fantastic cause and pulling together and I simply can’t be more grateful.”