Escape Down The Rabbit Hole, a brand new film-themed Barnstaple restaurant with North Devon’s first escape room, is open in Market Street

A cafe and restaurant filled with homages to TV and film and North Devon’s first escape rooms are all part of one of Barnstaple’s newest businesses.

Escape Down the Rabbit Hole has opened in Market Street, bringing the big and silver screen to life throughout the restaurant, and a challenge to puzzle enthusiasts.

Run by brothers Jason and Luke Matthews, Escape Down the Rabbit Hole’s cafe is a place where the two say imagination and creativity can be celebrated.

There are nods to TV and film all over the restaurant, including in the menu, where diners can get a Stranger Things waffle extravaganza, or a classic cheeseburger from Pulp Fiction and plenty in between.

The Escape Down the Rabbit Hole team, Kieren Solomon, Jason Matthews, Luke Matthews and Alicia Hamilton.The Escape Down the Rabbit Hole team, Kieren Solomon, Jason Matthews, Luke Matthews and Alicia Hamilton.

They’ve also harnessed story telling with their two escape rooms, where teams complete a series of puzzles and challenges to complete a quest.

Jason, 31, said: “Luke found the escape room idea. We were both on the same wave length, and thought it was something Barnstaple and North Devon was crying out for.

“There are so many different coffee shops and restaurants we wanted it to be different.

“We understand there’s plenty of places and we are happy to operate on our own terms and be our own place.”

Luke added: “We are predominantly a restaurant, so we thought why not create this fun place that’s outside the box. Everything has got meaning behind it.”

“We had this lovely space and felt that escape rooms go so well with the concept of creativity and imagination - you can transfer yourself into the story.”

Teams taking on the rooms can try the Battle for Valandor, which includes mixing potions and reciting incantations, or Fix the Reactor, with its riddles and clues left by a mysterious scientist.

The two hope to regularly update the escape rooms to keep them challenging, and also plan to hold themed nights throughout the year; from a Friends inspired valentines day get-together, to movie nights and even a celebration of Chinese New Year.

For more information about Escape Down the Rabbit Hole, visit their website.