New fish stores will make life easier for trawlermen and shellfish boats in North Devon.

The Cove at Ilfracombe harbour is looking very different as clearance work for a brand new fishermen’s storage facility continues.

North Devon Council is expecting the clearing work to be completed by June 7, with construction work on the £500,000 stores due to start in mid-June.

The new facility should make life far easier for local trawlermen and shellfish boats, with the creation of four stores plus a large chiller room, six external compounds and an oil store.

The council has already approved £250,000 towards the project and the other half of the funding is expected to come from the European Fisheries Fund via the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The new one-storey building will also enhance the appearance of the quayside and will clear the area of fishing equipment, which is currently causing some health and safety concerns.

Sally Nelson, regeneration officer at the council, said the design work for the new facility had been paid for by North Devon FLAG and it should make the process far more efficient for local fishermen.

“It will improve the working conditions of the fishermen and the efficiency of their operation, but it will also help with safety on the quayside,” she said.

“It is quite congested there at the moment, so the intention is to get everything behind the fence.”

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