Ilfracombe Lidl stores bids for earlier delivery times.

THE Ilfracombe Lidl store is seeking an alteration to planning conditions to allow it to take deliveries earlier and later in the day.

The Wilder road store wants to be able to receive deliveries between 7am and 10pm from Monday to Saturday, instead of between 8am-8pm as currently allowed. It also wants to extend Sunday and bank holiday times up to 10pm, instead of the current 5pm.

In a letter to North Devon Council planners, the company said whilst the original condition was acceptable in the early days, now the restriction was putting pressure on its transport department.

It said stores are serviced from a regional centre and all goods are sent on one HGV per day, limiting deliveries to one or two a day at most.

The original condition was putt in place “to protect the amenities of neighbouring properties.”