North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) will receive a new CT scanner as part of a £50 million package of investments in Devon.

Devon’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has been awarded £50.51 million of a £963 million Government pot for new facilities and equipment.

NDDH’s new CT scanner was part of a joint £9.3 million with Derriford Hospital, which will receive two new MRI scanners.

Jill Canning, deputy chief operating officer at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, said the new scanner would help address waiting lists and times after a significant increase in referrals for diagnostic tests.

She said: “CT scanners are a vital piece of equipment we use to provide a diagnosis for many of our patients and the number of people being referred to us for diagnostic tests has increased significantly in recent years.

“This additional CT scanner will help us to meet the growing demand using the best technology available, meaning we will be able to provide our patients with a timely diagnosis.

“Addressing our waiting lists and times is an absolute priority for us and the new CT scanner will help us as we continue to make progress.”

The £50.5 million package includes a new £29.7m urgent and emergency care hub at Derriford Hospital, as well as a new adult mental health ward in Torbay, costing £8m.

A further £3.5million will be invested into the digitisation of histopathology services. The digitisation of slides normally only viewable through a microscope when diagnosing diseases means Devon’s four hospitals will be able to support each other more effectively.

John Dowell, chief financial officer for Devon’s clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and chair of the STP estates group, which oversaw the bid submissions, said: “This is fantastic news for people in Devon.

“This huge investment in new facilities and technology supports the ambitions of the Devon Sustainability and Transformation Partnership and will make a real difference to patients and NHS staff across the county.

“We will be able to improve emergency care facilities in Plymouth, enhance mental health provision to reduce the need for people to travel outside Devon for treatment and improve diagnostic capability in Devon and Cornwall.

“We look forward to bringing these projects to fruition as soon as possible and seeing the benefits they will bring.”