Updated parking machines in council’s car parks now accept cards and mobile phone payments

Users of North Devon Council car parks can now pay for their parking using a card or contactless payment.

The council has updated its parking machines to accept cards, including with Apple Pay and Android Pay, if you don't have any cash.

Users can still pay using their mobile phone by calling RingGo or through the RingGo app.

Debit or credit card payments require a minimum stay of three hours in short-stay car parks, and a receipt is available when tickets are purchased. American Express machines are not accepted though.

North Devon Council leader Des Brailey said: "We know that people like to have choice and providing more payment options will make things easier for car park users, especially if you arrive at a car park without any cash.

"Many people already use RingGo as it offers the flexibility to add to your stay without returning to your car to buy another ticket. You can find out more about this on our website."

The council's parking machines also accept the new £1 coin and will continue to take the old coin until October 15, after which it will no longer be legal tender.