NATO proved its worth in Bosnia

SIR - I write in support of Giles Chichester s letter (April 8) and totally disagree with the response to that letter from Green Party Ricky Knight entitled: Time for NATO to fall on its Sword ( April 15). As a former United Nations employee, I worked

SIR - I write in support of Giles Chichester's letter (April 8) and totally disagree with the response to that letter from Green Party Ricky Knight entitled: "Time for NATO to fall on its Sword" ( April 15). As a former United Nations employee, I worked in Bosnia for some years - two of them in Sarajavo - and know from first hand experience that despite having massive financial resources (as wasteful as the EU) the UN was totally ineffective. Despite liking Ricky personally, I sincerely feel he is as naive on this subject as he is on the turbine issue. He talks of "untold suffering, destruction and the deaths of too many innocent civilians." However, like many who regurgitate the policies laid down by their political party doctrines - 'clear thinking' is not one of their attributes and I doubt he has ever been on the "front line."I have witnessed too many atrocities in Bosnia and Herzegovina; nightmares that still keep me awake today. Civilians were forced to live in horrendous conditions and suffer unimaginable cruelty inflicted on them by the Serbs. I was actually in Sarajevo in a flat overlooking the city the night NATO bombed the Serb Headquarters. Believe me, Ricky, it was a very scary and dangerous place to be. Everyone - civilians, Muslims, 'Bosnians' and especially the UN - thanked God when the NATO Forces flew in! I watched as their F16s put an end to the slaughter and misery of the Balkans. This city was under siege conditions longer than any city since Roman times - over six years! The abuse, humiliation and genocide of the Muslim population was akin to the genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany - another part of history which we should not be allowed to forget - no matter how much some may, these days, admire all things German! I take issue with Ricky's comments that: "The best 60th birthday NATO could give the world last week was to have done the honourable thing and retired..... and transfer resources to a international world-wide peace keeping force, under the auspices of the United Nations!" I totally endorse Giles Chichestor's comments when he states: "I believe with NATO we have an effective military organisation which has served us well for decades." The EU is an out of control monster, rampaging through countries with its ridiculous rules and laws, full of expensive unelected officials creating chaos wherever it goes. Now Ricky wants to disband NATO and bring the same chaos to a European Army! Dream On! The UN declared the Balkans an "English Speaking Mission". The French Army in Bosnia totally refused to speak English and caused much irritation over this. The mind boggles at the problems of a European Army, Air Force and Navy once nationalism gets a grip. Ricky statesthat he is a "Regionalist," whatever that means. If it means a Federal or United States of Europe and means we dump all our friends in the Commonwealth, then I'm totally opposed to that, too. Politically the Germans and French despise the British as much as Ricky appears to despise the Americans! It may be fashionable in some quarters to knock our Armed Forces - but I find this attitude unpatriotic and insensitive. His comments on football clearly reflect that he is merely a "posh" rugby player! Jim Bell, West Yelland.

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