My milk was in date

May I reply to the comments by Chris Balgowan (“Our milk is too cheap”, Opinion, March 20) and Heather Gray (Bideford Town Council)?

I too hope the farmers are getting a fair deal for the produce they sell to the supermarkets.

However, he is wrong when he said the milk I bought for £1 from the Co-op in Mill Street, Bideford, had been reduced as it was near its sell-by date.

They charge £1 for four pints all the time and indeed four pints of one per cent fat milk can be bought at both Asda and Sainsbury’s for £1.

It still begs the question why did Morrisons increase the price by 50 per cent overnight and if it’s such a good deal for the farmers why can 12 pints be bought for £3?

You may also want to watch:

I hope Morrisons will defend a 50 per cent increase in one of the staple products we use but I won’t hold my breath.

Not all members of Bideford Town Council agreed with the proposal for Brunswick Wharf and I’m sure Torridge District Council will politely reply to the suggestion.

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We need jobs in this area paying a living wage, not NMW [national minimum wage].

Wetherspoons is coming, Heather, hopefully open by the end of the year, as they now own the premises in Bridgeland Street that was Bideford Carpets.

David Glaholm


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