Music would strike wrong note for us

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regarding Councillor Rodney Cann’s suggestion about music in the Pannier Market (“Music for the market”, Gazette, February 6).

No, Mr Cann, Barnstaple Pannier Market does not need live music and/or “entertainment” to increase footfall and boost takings.

Indeed such a distraction may well deter customers from lingering to browse the stalls and peruse all that is on offer.

What might perhaps boost customer numbers is more frequent and more imaginative advertising. Almost unbelievably there are a great many local and near-local people who are unaware that for nine months of the year the market is open six days a week!

Having traded in the market for 25 years, I know this to be true, having often heard the remark: “I had no idea there was anything on in the market apart from Tuesday and Fridays.”

Has Mr Cann read any of the positive comments in the market visitors’ book? Customers are always remarking on the friendly, positive atmosphere, a general welcoming ambience there, and the unique diversity of items on the different stalls.

Today there is little escape from noise in the cities; shops use piped music to “enhance the shopping experience”.

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Even in summer our high streets reverberate to the sound of buskers. Have pity on those traders whose stalls may be adjacent to “The Nonentity Twins Comic Harmonica Act”.

We shall continue to trade, but please Mr Cann – no music!

Thank you.

Mrs Jen Jenkinson


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