Much too loud

I write in response to Oliver Tooley’s letter ‘Noise? What noise?’ (North Devon Gazette June 12).

It was apparent from the figures produced by npower at the Batsworthy Cross hearing that when producing their full output, the noise generated by each of these turbines is about 105 decibels.

The decibel scale is not a linear scale, that is to say, that as the decibel level increases, each decibel represents a larger quantity of noise. Decibel 1 represents the threshold of human hearing, 150 Decibels is loud enough to kill you. Every time the decibel level increases by 10 decibels, the noise is 10 times as loud.

I think that perhaps a good comparison might be a heavy lorry travelling along a level road at 60 miles per hour.

This is reckoned to be 84 decibels, at 105 decibels, one of the Batsworthy turbines will be over one hundred times as loud.

You may also want to watch:

I believe Mr Tooley has been listening to turbines when only a very gentle wind was blowing and very little electricity was being produced.

W Allen

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