‘Jerusalem’ is early favourite, it seems

MPs have backed initial plans for England to have its own official anthem.

Earlier today (Wednesday) Labour MP Toby Perkins made the case to drop God Save The Queen in favour of playing England’s own song at sporting events to put it on an even footing with Wales and Scotland.

His Ten Minute Rule Motion proposal has been backed in the House of Commons and will now be looked at further.

Mr Perkins said the ‘early favourite’ is the popular hymn Jerusalem, which was playing loudly outside Parliament as the debate started.

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Earlier, Mr Perkins outlined his belief the level of interest in his proposals shows it is time for Parliament ‘to catch up with public opinion and allow the voice of England to be heard’.

He said: “It has often seemed incongruous to me that when England has played against other home nations on the football or rugby field that, while the Welsh or Scots sing an anthem that reflects their nation’s identity, England should sing about Britain.

“It reflects a sense that we see Britain and England as synonymous.

“This not only denies us English an opportunity to celebrate the nation that is being represented but is also a cause for resentment amongst other countries within the British Isles who feel that England have requisitioned a British song.”