MP steps in to help save school

North Devon MP Nick Harvey attempts to persuade administrators to save St Michael’s school in a last minute move.

NORTH DEVON MP Nick Harvey has urged the administrators of St Michael’s School to save the school’s future.

The news comes after the Gazette reported today that a group of parents and ex-pupils of the school were concerned that the astonishing �1 million they had raised to recover the school would not be enough.

In a last minute bid to help the group, Mr Harvey wrote to the chairmen of the Royal Bank of Scotland and administrators Grant Thornton last night urging them to consider the bid.

He said in his letter: “I would urge that everything be done to save St Michael’s as a school for future generations.

“It has been the heart of the local community for generations and its closure due to financial difficulties came as a shock to everyone, including myself.

“The local community has rallied round to do all it can to save the school.

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“Through Herculean efforts a considerable sum has been raised by its supporters – but I am disheartened to learn that this is not considered enough.

“I would urge all concerned to consider that this is not just about financial gain. Children’s education, a piece of local history as well as the fate of a respected educational institution now hangs in the balance. A workable solution must be found.”

The Tawstock Court Group, led by Gordon Gurr, claimed the administrators had initially indicated that the amount would be sufficient to enable it to pay off creditors and take on the troubled school.

It is thought that a decision on Tawstock Court, a Grade II listed building, could be decided by the end of the week.

Mr Harvey said: “RBS had to be helped out of its difficulties and now I am asking them to help those trying to save St Michael’s as a school.

“We all understand the harsh financial realities of the moment, but it would not be good to see them squeeze the last bit of money out of this situation when there seems to be an opportunity to do so much more.”

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