Geoffrey Cox has tabled a series of parliamentary questions following concerns over turbine applications in Torridge.

THE MP for Torridge and West Devon has launched a parliamentary probe into guidance on wind turbine planning applications.

Geoffrey Cox has tabled a series of parliamentary questions into the impact the planning practice guidance for renewable and low carbon energy has on these applications.

The news comes after the Gazette revealed last week the number of turbine applications submitted to Torridge District Council has increased by 500 per cent.

Mr Cox has asked the secretary of state to make an urgent assessment on the impact of the guidelines and to clarify and strengthen existing guidance.

"These turbines dominate the countryside for miles around permanently altering and industrialising its appearance," said Mr Cox.

"Local communities have felt powerless to say no to these developments and although it was hoped that the new guidance would go some way to addressing this, it appears that this has not been sufficiently the case.

"I am therefore asking the secretary of state to look into this matter again, to clarify the impact the existing guidance has had, and to make the necessary amendments to this guidance in order to allow our unique landscape to be protected and to give communities a greater say over the decision making."