‘More talks’ plea over Tesco car park deal

Sell land to the highest bidder, says South Molton councillor.

A SOUTH Molton councillor is calling for “urgent” talks to take place over a proposed new supermarket in the town.

Independent town and district councillor John Moore is urging North Devon Council to consult residents, farmers and the South Molton Business Association as negotiations between the council and Tesco over land in the Central Car Park area continue.

Cllr Moore also called for the council to seek a new valuation of the land it owns at to then auction it to the highest bidder.

This should include the land currently home to the cattle market and should be done before any deal is made with the supermarket firm, he said.

He said: “From the rate-payers’ point of view, they should be getting the best return on the land.

“There is more than one supermarket interested in that land and it needs to be properly valued and auctioned to the highest bidder.

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“Nobody knows what that land is really worth until somebody pays for it,” he added.

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