Residents fear disruption when autumn traffic control and closure goes ahead

People travelling to Barnstaple via Goodleigh Road are fuming at a further ‘nightmare’ road closure planned for the autumn.

From October 22 to November 4 the only direct route into town for those in the Goodleigh, Gunn and Bratton Fleming areas will be closed while South West Water lays a new water main for the Goodleigh Rise development.

There will be three-way or two- way traffic lights in place between September 12 and October 22.

A petition organised by Bratton resident Julie Adams via the website and in Bratton Stores has 477 signatures.

Goodleigh Road resident Ray Bruce said an earlier closure in the spring has been ‘an absolute nightmare’, with surrounding country lanes taking the brunt as traffic used the diversion routes.

“Some people had to do a 23 mile diversion just to get into work,” he said.

“All the little country lanes that are one car width were chock-a-block – people’s cars were getting scratched and mirrors ripped off because it was just so tight. People were getting irate and aggressive, it was horrible.”

Cllr Stuart Hughes, county councillor for highways, said the difficulties and inconvenience for the community and travellers were fully understood by the council.

“Utility companies have a statutory right to undertake work in the highway and we work with them to minimise disruption,” he said.

“The work on Goodleigh Road is a South West Water scheme. Due to the nature of it and the need to protect the travelling public and workforce, a full road closure is unavoidable.”

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