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I would like to respond to Mr Glaholm’s comments regarding the new maps that BID Barnstaple have recently installed in two of the car parks in town (“Map’s great, if you see it”, Opinion, September 26).

These are just the first of more planned for the town – Green Lanes Shopping Centre and at the railway station are close to completion.

He is quite right in that it would be very useful to put a pack of pocket-sized maps on the tariff boards, as we recognised it would be yet one more practical way to help visitors.

However, we are very concerned that this doesn’t become a litter problem, and are looking at ways to prevent this happening – it may not be feasible.

I should add that paper versions of the maps are widely available throughout the town centre from many independent traders – plus, of course, the nearby library and the Tourist Information Centre. On the subject of the tatty park and ride bus stop outside the Barnstaple Town Council offices, again he is correct that in its current state it’s an eyesore. But it is not the responsibility of BID Barnstaple to take on the upkeep of the bus shelters in town.

You may also want to watch:

However, we have been in talks with some key partners and are awaiting quotes to possibly revamp this particular shelter as a one-off project, and make it a much more pleasing and useful feature.

Sue Rawle

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BID Co-ordinator


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