The 44-year-old admitted harrassing ex-partner including calling her 45 times in one night.

A Monkleigh man has pleaded guilty to harassment and breaching a non-molestation order after spending 24 hours in custody.

Nicholas John Moore, 44, pleaded guilty to harassing his ex-partner by sending her texts and phonecalls.

The court heard Moore had text his ex-partner saying things would ‘end in tears’ and at one point was seen ‘getting in her face’ by a neighbour.

One night he also called her 45 times, said prosecutor Lyndsey Baker.

On February 18 the civic court granted a non-molestation order prohibiting him from contacting the victim or being within 100 metres of her home.

But on March 15 he was seen by a neighbour driving past her house and was subsequently arrested.

Moore was released on bail pending a report from probation on the condition that he does not contact the victim or enter Moreton Drive in Torrington.

Magistrates warned Moore he would face custody if he broke the conditions.