Appledore couple want to thank the car driver who stopped to help out after a cyclist hit a pothole and suffered painful injuries

An Appledore couple want to thank the 'good Samaritan' who stopped to help after the husband came off his bicycle when it hit a pothole.

Keith Bowden, 71, was cycling on the A388 near Monkleigh on August 20 at around noon when the accident happened.

He suffered head injuries, three broken ribs, a broken finger and serious bruising and abrasions but thankfully is now recovering at home.

Keith and his wife Susanna would like to thank the car driver behind who stopped and stayed with Keith until the paramedics arrived.

Mrs Bowden said: "At the time they thought they might have to take him to Derriford. All I want is for the chap who stayed with Keith to contact us, so I can thank him.

"He has no recollection of the accident and just really wants to know what happened."

If this was you, the Bowdens can be contacted on 01237 478115.