While some have welcomed the idea of a new, bigger cinema, others Gazette readers have thrown up concerns over road infrastructure and more housing.

Gazette readers have been voicing their opinions on plans to regenerate Seven Brethren in Barnstaple.

This week we revealed more details on the ‘masterplan’ for the current Leisure Centre site - but reaction has been mixed.

Plans for 250 houses was met with the most dislike, with Nick Moore saying: “More housing?! Let’s hope they build a helipad cos that’s the only way the buyers will ever make it out of the traffic chaos between the bridges!”

Matt Ray also said the traffic infrastructure was a worry.

“There should be no further development until the road network is sorted,” he said.

“The traffic toards town today was backed up Sticklepath Hill. A relief road into Seven Brethren from the main road, over the railway is desperately needed.”

With North Devon Leisure Centre nearing the end of its life, it is proposed to demolish the old building and create a new leisure centre by expanding the Tarka Tennis Centre building.

The surplus space would be used to create a multi-screen cinema, hotel, waterside restaurants and up to 250 new homes.

And Maureen Sobey added: “Maybe we could build some new schools and extend NDDH too?

“After the road improvements of course.”

While some seemed sceptical, others were more enthusiastic about the plans.

“Cinema complex would be awesome,” said Laura Farmer.

While Bazz Springett blasted those ‘moaning’ and said: “Cheer up. More jobs, lower unemployment.”

Others urged the council to consider building a new school or doctors surgery, and to make the housing afforable.

Valerie Smith said: “Build 1 and 2 bed houses which growing families need as a starting point.

“I thought we had plenty of restaurants and coffee shops.”

And Peggy Thayer added: “Create a lovely park...but not with the people who created the ghastly roundabout of slate ...”

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