Missing Shebbear horse, Arrius, is found safe and well

Arrius vanished from a field in Shebbear two weeks ago.

Arrius vanished from a field in Shebbear two weeks ago. - Credit: Archant

The 15-year-old thoroughbred had been missing for two weeks, with thousands of people joining a Facebook campaign to find him.

A HORSE which went missing from a field in Shebbear two weeks ago has been found in a ditch – alive and well.

A Facebook campaign to ‘Help Find Arrius’ was seen by over a million people, as owners Ellen Blight and her daughter Kaylee rallied to find their prized horse.

The mum and daughter believed the 15-year-old thoroughbred had been stolen after spending hours in his field calling him.

But little did they know Arrius was only 30 feet away from them, having jumped the fence and landed in a ditch hidden from view.

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Ellen, who spent weeks ringing around the 710 horse passport issuers and ports all around the country, said she was in the kitchen yesterday (Thurs) when a local farmer came up to her house on his tractor.

“My husband came running in shouting, ‘we’ve found Arrius’,” said Ellen.

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“I just couldn’t believe it. The farmer had found a gap in his hedge, looked through it and there was Arrius stood in the ditch.

“I called the vet and we rushed up there. He couldn’t get out because of the fence so we cut it down and I managed to get a collar on him without falling in myself.

“Once the fence was down we managed to pull him out, and he just ate a bit of grass and then started marching off!”

Apart from having a few scratches, Arrius was fine and not even dehydrated.

“He just looked at us as if to say, ‘about time then’,” said Ellen.

The family is relieved to be reunited with the horse, and say they will be campaigning to make life easier for others who go through a similar experience.

Ellen said: “There are 710 passport issuers for horses and seven companies that freezemark horses – yet there is no single way to check all these databases.

“It seems ridiculous – needless to say once we have got Arrius settled back in we will be pressing the Government on this further.”

Ellen thanked everyone who had shared the Facebook page in an attempt to find Arrius, and said the support had been overwhelming.

“We are just so happy to have him home,” she said.

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