Police have reported a person was covered in corrosive fluid while cleaning a toilet in Mill Street, Bideford.

A man was airlifted to hospital after being covered in corrosive fluid in Mill Street, Bideford today (Monday).

It is understood the man was unblocking the drains in the toilets of a publ when the pipe burst, spilling the corrosive fluid onto his clothes and face.

Fire fighters and paramedics were quickly on the scene to assist the man.

A fire spokesman said: “He flushed the liquid off in a shower and was then taken to Exeter hospital via air ambulance I believe.

“Our crews helped make sure the location was safe.”

Several streets in Bideford were closed after the incident.

A police spokesman said: “We were informed at around midday.

“It looks like an industrial accident where a person cleaning a toilet at a local hotel has been involved in an incident which has resulted in them being covered in a corrosive fluid.

“Ambulance and fire are dealing with this, police will monitor and review this incident.”