A Barnstaple mum and daughter proved their mermaid-inspired business has what it takes to succeed when they appeared on television with Baroness Karren Brady last night (Monday).

Lisa Bousted and daughter Charlotte Scoins were visited by Baroness Brady in the ITV show Give It A Year.

The programme showed how the duo had set up their business, MermaidsUK, which teaches people how to swim like a mermaid, as a progression from their Aquarius Swimschool.

After her initial visit, Baroness Brady said she was concerned Charlotte needed to grow her confidence to succeed.

But visiting them 12 months later, Charlotte proved she has what it takes as she revealed the business was now in profit.

MermaidsUK swimmers from North Devon.MermaidsUK swimmers from North Devon.

One of her goals was to increase the amount of instructors to 30 - something Baroness Brady said she was dubious they would achieve - but Charlotte revealed they had exceeded this and had 38.

Speaking after the programme, Charlotte said: “This is actually a little bit out of date - filming stopped in October - as we now have 100 instructors.

“Karren was really nice and welcoming, she was very empathetic and even gave me a hug at one point.

“I felt like she was genuinely interested and it felt very personal rather than just her doing a job. It was a good experience all round.”

After her year-later visit, Karren said she was impressed with the confidence Charlotte was showing and wished the pair luck in their venture.

Each week Baroness Brady meets a host of people who have decided to go it alone and start a new business, starting at the launch of each venture’s first year, before revisiting them 12 months later.

To find out more about MermaidsUK North Devon, visit their Facebook page.