Police warning after two men reportedly pretended to be police officers in Torrington on Monday night.

Torrington police are asking the public to be vigilant after reports of two men impersonating police officers.

In an incident taking place at around 11pm on Monday, the men reportedly used their headlights and blue grill lights of their dark car to make another road user pull over.

They then walked towards the car, with one of the men attempting to open the door before shouting at the driver.

A spokesman for Torrington’s neighbourhood beat team said: “If this happens to you, and you have reason to believe this is not a genuine police car, do not stop.

“Drive to your nearest police station or if you have a passenger or handsfree please do not hesitate to call 999 and we can check if the police are actually behind you and wish you to stop.”

The police are keen to speak to anyone who may have information about the incident and advise calling 101.