A North Devon father’s decision to allow his nine-year-old daughter’s organs to be used to save the lives of others has been heard by Parliament as a change in the law on organ donation moves forward.

Keira Ball.Keira Ball.

After nine-year-old Keira Ball died following an accident on the North Devon Link Road last July, her father Joe gave consent for her organs to be donated.

Keira’s kidneys, heart, liver and pancreas saved the lives of four people, including 10-year-old Max Johnson, who needed a new heart.

Ministers moved forward on proposals to ensure people have to opt out of being donors today (Friday), a change which heath minister Jackie Doyle-Price confirmed would be named Max’s Law, after the boy saved by Keira’s heart.

North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones represented Keira’s family in the House of Commons, and said the decision could serve as an inspiration to others.

Peter Heaton-Jones MP.Peter Heaton-Jones MP.

He said: “It could ensure that others sign up for organ donation and will give strength to those who face similar circumstances.

“It is a story of how a very brave and, I am sure, very difficult decision to allow Keira’s organs to be donated has given life to four other people who otherwise would probably not be here today.

“That is surely the best possible argument for supporting the Bill, which will ensure that more organs are available for donation. Keira’s and Max’s story demonstrates that more organs mean more saved lives.

“As I support the Bill, which I will do at every stage, I will be thinking of Max and Keira.

“It is their Bill and it is thanks to the brave decision taken by Keira’s dad on that most difficult of days that four more people have life who might otherwise have not.”

Keira was a passenger in a Vauxhall Vectra when it was in a collision on the A361 near West Buckland.

A fundraising page set up to support the family raised more than £14,000 in the wake of the crash.