A new organ donation law inspired by North Devon Link Road crash victim Keira Ball is set to come into effect later this year.

The Government has announced Max and Keira's Law - the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Act - will come into effect on May 20, subject to parliamentary approval.

It will mean all adults in England will be considered as having agreed to donate their own organs when they die unless they 'opt out', or are in one of a number of excluded groups.

After nine-year-old Keira Ball died following an accident on the North Devon Link Road in July 2017, her father Joe gave consent for her organs to be donated.

Keira's kidneys, heart, liver and pancreas saved the lives of four people, including 10-year-old Max Johnson, who needed a new heart.

Keira Ball. Picture: Loanna BallKeira Ball. Picture: Loanna Ball

Max and his family campaigned in favour of an opt-out system for organ donation, and in 2018 the Government announced the law would be changing and would be commonly referred to as Max's Law, in recognition of all the campaigning Max and his family have done. Max announced he wanted Keira's name to be added.

Max, now 12 years old, said: "I am very excited that we now know when the law change in England will actually happen.

"There are so many people who are waiting, just like I was, for the call to say that a suitable heart, kidney, lungs or liver has been found.

"I am proud that when people speak about Max and Keira's Law, they will be reminded to think of Keira, and I hope by remembering her in this way, that she will go on to help save even more lives than she already has."

Keira Ball was a keen rider. Picture: Loanna BallKeira Ball was a keen rider. Picture: Loanna Ball

Health secretary Matt Hancock said: "Too many people lose their lives waiting for an organ, and I've been determined to do what I can to boost organ donation rates.

"So I'm incredibly proud of the action we are taking with this new law. This is an important step forward in making organ donation easier and more available to those who need it and could help save hundreds of lives every year.

"I pay tribute to the brave campaigning of families such as Max and Keira's, whose tireless work on this issue has made a huge difference."