Croyde author and #2minutebeachclean founder Martin Dorey has produced a new book – No More Rubbish Excuses.

Martin founded the #2minutebeachclean six years ago after ferocious North Atlantic storms littered beaches with rubbish, simply encouraging people to pick up litter for two minutes: bag it, tag it, bin it. Since then it has becomes a global movement.

In No More Rubbish Excuses, the follow up to the bestselling No More Plastic, Martin moves beyond plastic, seeing it as just a small part of the waste crisis, and comes up with simple yet impactful ways to cut down our overall waste.

With sections on fast fashion (each person in the UK has, on average, 57 items of clothing in their wardrobe that don't get worn), food waste, electrical equipment and simple product swaps, No More Rubbish Excuses encourages the reader to open their eyes, become more conscious of waste, and consider the life cycle of each product they buy.

The book from Penguin random House is available from most outlets including Waterstones and Amazon.