A Northam man is hoping to break his own world record this Easter to raise money for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW).

Mark Edwards is planning to play bass guitar non-stop for 60 hours at a special event at the Fairway Buoy in Westward Ho! over the course of the weekend.

Mark set the current record of 41 hours and 41 minutes in 2018 and his achievement raised more than £3,000 for CHSW.

He's hoping to smash that this time around and raise just as much money in the process, starting at 11am on Good Friday (April 10) and finishing at 11pm on Easter Sunday (April 12).

Mark said: "I actually played for 50 hours last time, but could only claim 41 hours and 41 minutes. This was still enough to claim the record from the previous holder, a Canadian named Kevin Latimer, but was deeply frustrating nonetheless.

Mark Edwards is hoping to break the world record he set in 2018.Mark Edwards is hoping to break the world record he set in 2018.

"Suffice to say, I want to put that right big time and am now aiming for 60 hours."

Mark has a strict set of criteria to adhere to. He has to play the songs non-stop to a 'reasonable standard' and can't repeat any songs within four hours.

He is allowed a five minute break for every hour played, which can be stored up, and the event has to be filmed throughout with two different witnesses every four hours.

He will be helped along the way by his sons Ryan and Danny, who will be live-streaming parts of the event, helping to raise money and providing relief cover.

Mark's setlist of 85 songs has a bit of everything, from Nirvana to Culture Club, and he is under no illusion about the difficulty of the challenge, having done it before.

He said: "The second night is when the brain and body wants to shut down and you do have to fight extreme tiredness and overwhelming fatigue to get through to the morning. Even then, the last day will seem like forever as I finish at 11.00pm.

"The final few hours were a fantastic and emotional experience last time round, with so many donations going into the collection pots as the finish line finally came into sight.

"I was really moved by the compassion and encouragement of so many good people who pulled me over the line when I didn't feel I could go on any longer.

"CHSW is a wonderful charity providing a vital service in the most difficult of circumstances. CHSW rely heavily on voluntary donations, without which they couldn't exist."

To donate to Mark's world record attempt, visit his Just Giving page.