Annual charity effort by serving Royal Marines plus volunteers clocked up 10,000 kilometres and more than £9,000.

ON Sunday the treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines ground to a halt as Royal Marines and supporters celebrated raising £9,313 during a week-long fund raising posting at Sainsbury’s in Barnstaple.

In tribute to World War Two legends, they have travelled 10,000 kilometres on exercise equipment without leaving the store foyer, to recreate the journey the ‘cockleshell heroes’ took in 1942 when carrying out the first commando raid against German shipping.

The annual charity challenge featured members of Commando Logistic Regiment at RMB Chivenor, along with 11 from the Amphibious Trials and Training at Instow plus North Devon Royal Marines Association members.

The £9,313 donated by the generous people of North Devon by the end of the challenge at 4pm on Sunday will go towards helping the recovery of those injured in service with the Royal Marines.

“The Royal Marines Association would like to thank the public for their massive generosity and Sainsbury’s, Barnstaple for tremendous support yet again in allowing us to infiltrate their foyer for a week,” said John Peel, North Devon branch chairman.