Map’s great, if you see it

I have to respond to the comments by Business Improvement District co-ordinator Sue Rawle (“Putting us on the map”, Gazette, September 19) about the wonderful maps of Barnstaple that have been put up on the back of the tariff boards in two car parks in the town.

Great if you know they are there, but as a newcomer to Barnstaple, still finding my way around, I saw the map on my way back to the car park.

It strikes me that if you want to enhance the visitor experience when providing these kind of “helpful” things, ask yourself the question “Will visitors see them?”

How about putting a pack of pocket-sized maps on the tariff boards so visitors can take and use them to find their way around?

While on the subject, those responsible for the condition of the tatty park-and-ride bus stop outside Barnstaple Town Council offices should be ashamed.

Please don’t tell me there is no money to replace it as there is a company – Adshel – that will replace and maintain it (and others) free of charge.

David Glaholm

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